Tips for installing the Snapt VM

You can download various VM versions at any time from If you are unsure get in touch with us for assistance. 


General Tips

  • The operating system is OpenSuse 64-bit, or Linux Other 64-bit if that's not available. 
  • To continue past the country selection popup you can press ALT+N. 
  • Use the program 'networkConfig' to change your network setup.
  • Once you can connect, manage everything through the UI by going to the IP address on port 8080 with a web browser.

If all else fails, you can run Snapt for Linux on Ubuntu (or a linux of your own choice) without any issues!



  • Import the OVF image from the Downloads site.
  • If required select OpenSuse 64bit, or Linux Other 64bit.
  • If you receive an Unknown Guest or Unknown Operating System error from ESXI 6.5 - When you receive the error about the OS, select Yes. Before you power up the new machine, edit the machine and goto Options. Then change the OS to SUSE 11 64bit.


VMWare Desktop

  • Import the VMware VMDK image from the Downloads site.


VMWare Fusion

  • Make sure to select OpenSuse 64bit!
  • Import the OVF image from the Downloads site.


Amazon EC2

  • Use the premade marketplace image available here.


Virtual Box

  • Coming soon


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