VirtualBox - Windows


  1. Visit our download page –
  2. Select “VMX”
  3. Extract the archive to your desired location
  4. Start-up VirtualBox
  5. Now click on “New”
  6. Name: Snapt (Or any suitable name)
    Type: Linux
    Version: OpenSUSE (64-bit)
    Memory Size: 512MB Minimum
  7. Now under “Hard Disk” select “Use an existing virtual hard disk file” and select “Snapt_Leap_VXX.x86_64-X.X.X” and click open
  8. Click on “Create”
  9. You may now edit your virtual machine settings by clicking “Settings”
  10. Click “Start” to start the VM.
  11. Once the system has finished booting you can type “getipaddress” if running DHCP or run “networkConfig” to set the IP address statically.
  12. You can now open a web browser and navigate to http://youripaddress:8080 and login to Snapt with the default username and password (admin/admin)
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