How to setup SSL offloading

There are two options available for SSL offloading

  • SSL Offloading in the Balancer
  • SSL Offloading in the Accelerator

Below we will at both scenarios and how to setup them

*Please note that to make use of SSL offloading, you need to have a valid SSL certificate installed on your Snapt instance*


Navigate to Balancer -> Group Management/Frontend Management and "Edit". Now click on the tab "SSL Options" and enable "SSL Termination". Make sure to select your valid SSL certificate. Save and reload the Balancer. Please note that this option is only valid if you are listening on port 443.

You may want to redirect HTTP to HTTPS on your HTTP frondend, please see



*Note that the Accelerator cannot redirect HTTP to HTTPS. You'll need to setup an HTTP frontend on your Accelerator and pass the traffic through to your HTTP frontend on the Balancer, which will redirect traffic to HTTPS*

For the simplest method to setup SSL offloading, navigate to Accelerator -> Create an Accelerator and choose "HTTPS Frontend Server" Please ensure that you select a valid SSL Certificate and Key.

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