1. Pull the Snapt image from our repo at (snaptadc/snapt:latest)

docker pull snaptadc/snapt:latest


2. Launch the image in a container:

docker run -di -p 80-100:80-100 -p 8080:8080 snaptadc/snapt:latest

This will launch the container in detached mode (-d) which will allow the container to run in the background as well as interactive mode (-i). (-p 80-100:80-100) is the range of ports to publish on the host machine and (-p 8080:8080) does the same for port 8080 which is the port you will need to access the webUI on. The last bit (snaptadc/snapt:latest) is the name of the image you pulled from the repo in the previous step.


For more info on Docker, please refer to their documentation at

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