Serializing a license

Serializing is a crucial part of setting up a non trial version of Snapt. This allows us to generate your license which in turn will allow you to use the Framework and any additional Snaptins or premium plugins you may have purchased.

  • You will need to log into your Snapt installation and go to the License section found under the Dashboard menu option.

If you have not serialized, you will more than likely be redirected to the correct page.

  • From here, click on the “Install Key” tab and select the values for interface and operating system that match your setup. 

  • Clicking the “Save” button will generate an install key that will be used on the client site to generate your license. 

Each install key is unique to the server on which Snapt is being installed so if you plan on moving your installation to a new server after you have serialized, you will need to purchase a server move from the client site.

  • To serialize the install key, log into the client site and navigate to the Manage Licenses section. From here, select the corresponding serial number and click the “Serialize Unit” button.

  • After clicking the button, you will be redirected to a screen that accepts the install key generated by your Snapt installation. Paste this key into the textarea and click the commit button.

Your license will now be ready for download and can be applied to your Snapt installation. You can either download the license from the client site and upload it to your Snapt installation, or if your server has access to the internet you can click the “Download new license” button on the license screen in Snapt.

Please bare in mind that should you ever change the products associated to your serial number, you will need to re-apply the license to the unit. This means if you buy a premium plugin, upgrade or extend your license.

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