Repair Snapt SQLite DB

Snapt uses two SQLite databases – one for Snapt information and one for logging data. These can be marked as “crashed” should you lose power while writing, or something else goes wrong.

These are located in “db/” – typically “/srv/www/htdocs/db/” or “/usr/local/snapt/program/db/” and are called log.db and snapt.db

You can repair them with the following command (example is for log.db) –

mv log.db log-broken.db
echo ".dump" | sqlite3 log-broken.db | sqlite3 log.db
mv waf.db waf-broken.db
echo ".dump" | sqlite3 waf-broken.db | sqlite3 waf.db
mv snapt.db snapt-broken.db
echo ".dump" | sqlite3 snapt-broken.db | sqlite3 snapt.db
chmod 777 log.db waf.db snapt.db


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