There has been a serious error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 no such table

This error may apply to any one of the various SQLite tables within Snapt. Here are some common fixes for these errors:


The Snapt cronjob is not running.

Please make sure that the cronjob handler for Snapt is in your crontab file. For bundles the line should look something like

/usr/local/snapt/bin/php -c /usr/local/snapt/etc/php.ini /usr/local/snapt/program/bin/cronjob.php all -r

For a standalone installation you will need to replace “/usr/local/snapt/bin/php -c /usr/local/snapt/etc/php.ini” with the actual path to php on your system and “/usr/local/snapt/program/bin/cronjob.php” with the actual path to cronjob.php within the bin directory. Don’t forget that the end of the line must have “all -r” for the tasks to run


PHP is out of date

The framework makes use of functions supported in PHP 5.2 and above so please make sure you are at least running 5.2


Installation failed

It is possible that the install script failed to initialize the databases for some reason. The best solution for this is to remove the config/default.ini file and open your Snapt installation in a web browser. This will redirect you back to the installation routine where any potential problems should be rectified.

If these problems persist, please use the client site to create a support ticket and we will investigate it further

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