When will the Balancer not compress?

There are certain circumstances in which the Balancer will override your compression setting and refuse to compress traffic. These reasons/events are listed below.

  • the request does not advertise a supported compression algorithm in the “Accept-Encoding” header
  • the response message is not HTTP/1.1
  • HTTP status code is not 200
  • response header “Transfer-Encoding” contains “chunked” (Temporary Workaround)
  • response contain neither a “Content-Length” header nor a “Transfer-Encoding” whose last value is “chunked”
  • response contains a “Content-Type” header whose first value starts with “multipart”
  • the response contains the “no-transform” value in the “Cache-control” header
  • User-Agent matches “Mozilla/4” unless it is MSIE 6 with XP SP2, or MSIE 7 and later
  • The response contains a “Content-Encoding” header, indicating that the response is already compressed (see compression offload)
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