Whitepaper: About Snapt Web Acceleration

Snapt Accelerator is a specialized product offered by Snapt, which accelerates websites, eCommerce stores and mobile apps, enabling organizations to reliably and quickly deliver both dynamic content and applications to remotely located users, from a centralized infrastructure. Web acceleration is critical to businesses as well as retailers with a web focus, and providers or software as a service.

These businesses and service providers share a common challenge and have pressing need to deliver very high-quality experiences to an increasingly diverse user base that is usually dispersed around the globe. Unfortunately, this challenge emerges because the standard internet protocols were not designed to handle and support delivery of applications as well as dynamic content at a very high speed this is the reason why many websites go through periods of poor performance, where the page load cycles become sluggish and the content is displayed slowly. This results in a direct decline in the organization’s productivity and may increase consumer dissatisfaction. Eventually, this results in lower revenues for the organization.

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