Custom compile haproxy 1.5 with SSL support

If you see the error that SSL support is not compiled in on a non-Snapt image version you need to custom compile an haproxy with SSL support included. Only haproxy 1.5 supports SSL, and it must be manually enabled. Below are general instructions for doing so.

If you are not an advanced user and are a client of Snapt’s contact us and let us do it for you!


You need to download and compile haproxy, however, this has several other requirements like make, gcc, openssl-dev and so on. Below are the instructions for Ubuntu-like’s —

apt-get install build-essential make g++ libssl-dev

Next you can download the latest haproxy. At the time of writing this was dev21 —


tar xvf haproxy-1.5.5.tar.gz

cd haproxy-1.5.5</code>

Now you can compile it —

make USE_OPENSSL=yes

sudo make install

This will install haproxy. It may install it to /usr/local/sbin, in which case you may need to copy it to /usr/sbin —

cp /usr/local/sbin/haproxy /usr/sbin/

This completes the guide, you will need to do a full stop/start of haproxy.

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